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    Function Description    X930          
Power Jack and Connectors
8-Pin Function Header
  Power input  5Vdc +/- 5% , ≥3A
  DC Power Plug Size  5.5*2.5mm
  USB power in socket  Type-C 6-pin

 1. X930 powers the Raspberry Pi via the 40-pin header (Pin 2 & 4)
 2. Don't power the Raspberry Pi via the Pi's Type-C or Micro-USB
Pin No. Description Pin No.  Description 
1   5V power output 2   RPi power on/off control 
 (For external switch*)
3   Audio ground  4   Power ground 
5   Audio left output  6   5V power input 
7   Audio right output   8   Bluetooth on/off control
 (For external switch*) 

 *Please use momentary switch only and don't use latching switch
RPi power control button (Script for power mgnt installed)
Bluetooth 5.0  on/off button 
Press and Release  RPi turns on and Bluetooth turns off
 RPi mgt LED stays on
 BT LED off
Press and hold for 1~2 seconds  System rebooting 
 RPi mgt LED blinks rapidly
Press and hold for 3~7 seconds  System shutting down 
 RPi mgt LED blinks slowly
Press and hold for >8 seconds  Force shutdown
 RPi mgt LED off
Press and Release  Bluetooth turns on
 BT on/off LED stays on
Press again and Release  Bluetooth turns on
 BT on/off LED stays on
    Board Assembly