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     Welcome all OEM/ODM Projects  
  We have the experience, capability, and R&D resources to make any OEM/ODM integration a glowing success! SupTronics is an extremely versatile one-stop solution provider with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable solutions. We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry level products and services to you.      

Once customer provides us with concept information and detailed specifications, we will notify them of the total cost for design, prototyping, and estimated cost per unit before the project begins. SupTronics will work with customers until they are satisfied and all original design requirements are met, and the product performs exactly to customers' expectations. SupTronics is your one-stop shop for new product development or product improvements. Please contact us for your next product development project.
     SupTronics Technologies Offering  
  In order to meet the market's demand and provide the suitable solution, SupTronics offers board level and system level customized design and integration service for your product development.

   - System engineering
   - PCB hardware design
   - Mechanical design
   - PCBA Prototyping
   - Manufacturing and Assembly 
   - Integrated component procurement
   - BOM cost reducation service
   - Plastic and metal molding
   - Compliance and certification
   - Quality assurance
   - Logistics
System Engineering       PCB Hardware Design
We work closely with you to understand your project needs, providing systems level consulting, architectural study, and professional management services tailored to the needs of your project.
  SupTronics has a full staff of PCB engineers and designers with strong expertise in advanced, high-speed, complex board design and experience on over 500+ PCB assembly designs.

Mechanical Design    PCBA Prototyping 
SupTronics' in-house mechanical design and assembly capabilities include ruggedized box build using advanced metal and plastic injection molding. Our processes meet the most exacting enclosure EMI protection, Thermal dissipation and industrial environment operation requirements.

  SupTronics offers one-stop and turn-key PCBA prototype service, including PCB fabrication, components procurement, and PCB assembly with the most reasonable price. We have sufficient stock for common components and maximum 15 days lead time for PCBA with components from OPL. 

Manufacturing and Assembly   Integrated component procurement
SupTronics undertake both Box Build assemblies and Sub-assemblies for customers from various industries ranging from consumer electronics, telecommunication, audio and video to medical, computer, lighting etc...   

    - Handing of Ball Grid Array and Chip
    -On-Board assemblies
    - SMT component placements
    - Automatic Optical Inspection
    - In Circuit testing and Functional testing
    - New Product Introduction services
    - Complex Box Build solutions

  SupTronics offers a full procurement service to all its customers at no extra cost. In cases where we are asked to manufacture, and if required assemble a product which has been designed and developed elsewhere, just send us a full bill of materials, along with your technical files, and we will do the rest. Our team provides a complete procurement service using a well-refined supplier list which we have been steadily building since 2012. We supply all the components needed to manufacture your PCB and, if required, assemble it into your free-issue product casing and packaging ready for sale. 

BOM cost reeducation service   Plastic and metal molding
In order to help our customers increase their profitability and reduce component cost, SupTronics provides cost reduction service customized to fit our individual customers needs.


Through global sourcing optimization and proactive planning from your BOM (Bill of Material), SupTronics offering ultimate sourcing solutions to businesses procuring raw materials or finished goods from developing or developed economies. We implement our experience and knowledge into each and every aspect of sourcing. Our team of highly experienced and resourceful purchasing agents in Asia are able to find the components you need at the best price available in the market. We utilize our professional allies and business partners to reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers.

SupTronics does in-depth analysis of the BOM to identify cost reduction options, including:
     - Generating savings from purchase consolidation
     - Identifying lower cost alternates and providing datasheet
       comparison report
     - Using Low Cost Country (LCC) sourcing especially China
     - Analyzing current buying prices to spot abnormal
       procurement prices

  SupTronics offers a full suite of plastic fabrication and molding services, handling manufacturing, tooling, design and consulting needs, or just assisting our customers with the areas that they need. Our engineers can handle machining, sonic welding, hot stamp welding, injection molding, and insert molding processes, working with all types of plastics: ABS, polystyrene, nylon, polyethylene (high and low density), and more.

If specialty tooling is required, we work with our off-shore partners to acquire the necessary pieces, and either conduct the molding in-house, or provide the tooling for a client to do their own molding. We are available for prototype and low volume specialty molding jobs, so please contact us today.  

Compliance and certification   Quality assurance
We can also leverage the level of service another step and also help our customers to get the CE and FCC certification on their products.

To reach that we study together the better way to achieve it offering also our experience in conducting tests and collecting necessary compliance documents such as RoHS test report, datasheet, etc.

We have several partners in China to help in this fields, all of them of proven reliability and service. 

  Quality First, Customers First
SupTronics' quality assurance procedures include the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assembly procedures, testing procedures, production management and inspection processes. Our QA team is well-versed in the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to quality and we have extensive experience and a proven track record of customer and independent audits.

Some of the many ways we ensure product reliability include:
    - Design verification
    - In-line failure testing
    - Extended burn-in procedure
    - Statistical control of errors
    - Deep analysis of quality practices 

Through our global supply chain network we offer demand fulfillment; inventory management including consignment; continuous product cost reduction efforts; reserved component stock and lifetime buy (LTB) programs; and 10 year-plus product lifecycle support. 

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