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  X1200 V1.2      ACTIVE hardware   software  
       Product Overview  

Introducing the X1200, an innovative uninterruptible power supply (UPS) expansion board designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 5B. With its advanced features and robust power backup capabilities, the X1200 is perfect for even the most demanding Raspberry Pi setups.

Reliable Power Backup: The X1200 provides a stable 5.1V 5000mA power backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your Raspberry Pi. Whether you are running resource-intensive applications or powering multiple peripherals, the X1200 delivers reliable and consistent power supply.

Enhanced Power Management: One of the standout features of the X1200 is its enhanced power management system. It intelligently monitors the power status of the Raspberry Pi and automatically cuts off power when the Pi is shut down. This helps optimize battery life by entering an ultra-low standby power consumption mode. It ensures efficient operation and maximizes the lifespan of the UPS battery.

Seamless Power Switching: Equipped with AC power loss and power adapter failure detection, the X1200 seamlessly switches to backup power in the event of a power outage or power adapter failure. This feature guarantees that your Raspberry Pi remains operational and protected from unexpected power disruptions.

Convenient Features: The X1200 offers convenient features such as auto power-on, enabling your Raspberry Pi to automatically boot up when power is restored. It also supports full power-off from software, allowing you to safely shut down your Raspberry Pi without manual intervention.

Fast Charging: With fast charging capabilities of up to 3000mA, the X1200 ensures quick recharging of the UPS, making it ready to provide backup power whenever needed.

Versatile Design: The X1200 is designed
to be attached on bottom and don't use the 40-pin header, enabling easy stacking with other Raspberry Pi accessory boards. This versatility allows you to expand the functionality of your Raspberry Pi and create enhanced applications tailored to your specific needs.

Seamless Data Backup: The X1200 is compatible with our range of storage products, providing seamless integration for safe and reliable data backup. Your valuable data remains protected, even in the event of a power failure.

Enhance the reliability and performance of your Raspberry Pi 5B with the X1200 UPS expansion board. Experience peace of mind with its advanced features and robust power backup capabilities. Trust the X1200 to ensure uninterrupted operation and safeguard your valuable data.

   Safety Instructions & warnings  
  - It is essential to read and understand these safety instructions and warnings before charging your batteries.
- Lithium Polymer and Li-ion batteries are volatile. Failure to read and follow the instructions below may result in fire, personal
  injury, and damage to property if charged or used improperly.
- Never make a wrong polarity connection when charging or discharging battery packs. Always double-check the polarity of the
  battery's connector to ensure that "+" is connected to "+" and "-" is connected to "-".

- Do not mix and use old batteries with new batteries, or batteries with different brand names.

- Lithium batteries have a limited cycle life. Please replace old batteries with new ones when they reach their service life or when
  they are two years old, whichever comes first.

- When charging the Battery Pack, please place the battery in a fireproof container. Do not leave the UPS shield on wood material
  or carpet unattended.

- Keep the UPS shield away from children to ensure their safety.

       Product Features  

Compatible With
- Raspberry Pi 5 Model B


UPS Output:
- Provides continuous operation for up to 6 hours (duration depends on battery type and applications)
- Supports a maximum current output of 5.1V 5000mA, suitable for most Raspberry Pi applications
- Integrated Advanced Power MOSFET with an equivalent of 7mΩ RDS(ON) to minimize power loss
- Convenient pogo pin connection for powering the Pi, eliminating the need for cabling and soldering

Battery Charging:
- Supports fast battery charging with a capacity of 3000mA
- Battery charging control can be managed via GPIO
- Provides protection against battery overcurrent and overvoltage
- Built-in protection against reverse connection of battery cells
- Integrated Maxim's fuel-gauge systems for reading battery voltage and percentage over i2c
- On-board LEDs indicate battery charging and discharging levels of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%
- Features a 2-cell 18650 battery holder

Power Input:
- Powered through the USB-C socket, eliminating the need to change your power adapter

Enhanced Power Management:
- Seamless power switching between backup power and power adapter
- On-board push button performs the same actions as the Pi's power button
- Automatically cuts off power when the Pi is shut down
- On-board LED indicates power status and Pi detection
- AC power loss and power adapter failure detection via GPIO
- Auto power-on when power is applied or restored
- Automatic safe shutdown when battery voltage is low (programmable)
- Ultra-low standby power consumption to maximize battery life
- Advanced system power-path management to minimize frequent charging and discharging of batteries

- Connects to the Pi via convenient pogo pins, eliminating the need for additional cabling
- Designed to be attached on the bottom, allowing the use of favorite HATs alongside it

       Technical Specification  
Power input : 5Vdc 5A via USB Type-C
UPS output : 5.1V ±5% Max 5A
Battery charging current : Max 2.3-3.2A
Terminal Battery Voltage : 4.23V
Battery Recharge Threshold : 4.1V
  : 2-cell 18650 battery socket x1
  : 5V Power output connector x2 - XH2.54 2-pin
PCB Size : 85mm x 56mm
       Package Contents  

-  X1200 V1.1 UPS shield x1

-  Screw pack x1

        Important Notes  

- Do not apply power to your Raspberry Pi via the Type-C USB socket.
- Do not use 18650 battery with built-in protection circuit.


This evaluation board/kit is intended for user's internal development and evaluation purposes only. It is not a finished product and may not comply with technical or legal requirements that are applicable to finished products, including, without limitation, directives or regulations relating to electromagnetic compatibility, recycling (WEEE), FCC, CE or UL. SupTronics is providing this evaluation board/kit“AS IS”with limited warranties. The user assumes all responsibility and liability for handling and use of the evaluation board/kit including, without limitation, the responsibility to take any and all appropriate precautions with regard to electrostatic discharge and other technical issues. User indemnifies SupTronics from any claim arising from user's handling or use of this evaluation board/kit. Except for the limited purpose of internal development and evaluation as specified above, no license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any SupTronics intellectual property right is granted hereunder.

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