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  X1004 V1.1  ACTIVE hardware   software  
       Product Overview  

Enhance your Raspberry Pi 5 with effortless installation and lightning-fast PCIe storage speeds!

Introducing the X1004 NVMe dual SSD shield, designed to provide a seamless and high-speed storage solution for your Raspberry Pi 5. Its sleek and compact design enables easy attachment of two full-size M.2 2280 SSDs to your Raspberry Pi 5. With its PCIe 2.0 interface, you can experience data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps, allowing you to effortlessly transfer large amounts of data within seconds.


The X1004 is specifically designed to be placed on top of the Raspberry Pi 5, similar to a traditional HAT, and it provides a 40-pin header for easy access to the GPIO. With this NVMe shield, you can still use your favorite HATs alongside it. Additionally, it is fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi's official passive cooler, ensuring efficient heat dissipation. The inclusion of mounting holes and standoffs not only protects the solid-disk drives but also effectively dissipates heat for reliable performance. The built-in LED light indicates the status of reading or writing, eliminating any guesswork.

The X1004 is an ideal storage solution for creating a home media center or building a network-attached storage (NAS) system. It allows you to store and stream your own videos, music, and digital photos within your home or even remotely across the world.

       Product Features  

Compatible With
- Raspberry Pi 5B


- The perfect storage solution for your Raspberry Pi 5 - introducing the M.2 NVMe dual SSD Shield
- Supports a total of 8TB storage capacity (4TB+4TB) with M.2 NVMe solid-state drives
- Accommodates two full-size 2280 NVMe SSDs
- Provides speedy data transfer with PCIe 2.0 5Gbps / PCIe 3.0 8Gbps
- Fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi official active cooler
- LED indicators in blue display power and drive status
- Features an integrated high-performance PCIe packet switch
- Equipped with two high-efficiency DC/DC step-down converters, delivering a maximum of 3.5A+3.5A to power your SSDs
- Designed to be attached on top, allowing stacking with other HATs
- Powered via the 40-pin GPIO header & PCIe FFC
- Compatible with the HAT+ STANDBY power state, automatically turning off when the Pi 5 shuts down.


*The X1004 is designed specifically for data storage purposes and does not currently support NVMe boot with the existing firmware.

       Test & Reviews  

Test Conditions

-System board details: Raspberry Pi 5 Model B Rev 1.0 , 4G RAM

-Interface board details: X1004 v1.1 NVMe dual SSD Shield

-Operation system: Raspberry Pi OS with desktop (Debian12 (bookworm), 32bit, Release date: October 10th 2023)

-Storage details: Colorful CN600 120G, WD Blue SN570 500GB 


Testing disk drive read speed at PCIe2.0 with hdparm



       Technical Specification  
Power supply : 5Vdc +/-5% power via FFC & 40-pin header, converted to 3.3V max 3.5A+3.5A  to power the SSDs
Ports & Connectors : PCIe connector - 16-pin pitch0.5mm
  SSD connector - M.2 KEY-M 67P
PCIe cable length : 30mm
PCB Size : 87mm x 57mm
       Package Contents  

-  x1004 V1.1 NVMe shield x1

-  Screw pack x1

        Important Notes  
- Compatible with M.2 NVMe SSDs
- Not compatible with M.2 SATA SSDs, M.2 PCIe AHCI SSDs, or other M.2 non-NVMe devices
- Older NVMe drives with less efficient flash media may not perform as well as newer drives
- New NVMe SSDs are not partitioned and will need to be both partitioned and formatted when first connected to the Raspberry Pi before they will be accessed in the Explorer.
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