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Partner with us and distribute our products!

We are looking for companies willing to distribute our products. For our partners we offer very attractive discounts and guarantee full technical assistance.

SupTronics Technologies is dedicated to creating innovative products that put its distributors stand out among other competitors. Our company evolves with the latest market trends and develops cutting edge technology that keeps us among the best in our field. We strive to predict the next new breakthrough in the market and to create a product able to keep up to date with the latest technology.

We take into consideration any co-operation offers.

Our Advantage

- We design, manufacture and test of our products
- We support relabeling and selling products under your own brand
- We will provide you with all the training necessary to understand the workings of our products
- You will always be informed of all our newest projects, upgrades and promotions.
- Multi-channel of Marketing methods support to help the distributor's sales growth.

To help us know you better, please fill up the form. After duly filling it up, please send it to us for further processing.

  For urgent enquiries please email us at felix@suptronics.com  
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