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  X650 v1.3 ACTIVE hardware   software  
       Product Overview  

Introducing the X650, a cutting-edge Raspberry Pi CM4-based KVM-over-IP remote management PCI Express card designed for seamless integration into 1U and 2U form factors across PC, Sun, and Mac platforms. This innovative solution delivers remote, unblocked, BIOS-level access and control to enhance server management capabilities. Accessible via any web browser, the X650 provides secure, stable, and high-speed KVM access anytime, anywhere.


Equipped with the IPKVM PCI card, users can exercise KVM control starting from the BIOS level and beyond. Effortlessly reboot, monitor the complete boot process, and interact with your system with ease. Moreover, the integrated remote ATX power control feature enables convenient switching on/off, resetting, and remote monitoring of power and storage LED activity of the connected machine.

       Product Features  

- Built on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 platform and compatible with all variants
- Full remote BIOS-level control - Access the BIOS and have full control over the keyboard and mouse

- Reliable remote network access to servers and computers

- Installs justs like any PCI card into a tower / desktop PC
- Low profile and standard profile bracket Inside-both Mini and standard desktop host workable
- Supports HDMI input resolutions up to 1920x1080 at 50Hz

- Supports HDMI audio capture
- HDMI Full HD capture based on the TC358743 chip
- OTG Keyboard & mouse; Mass Storage Drive emulation
- Hardware Real-Time Clock (RTC) with CR1220 coin battery socket
- Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, and Sun Systems
- Gigabit Ethernet that supports data transfer speeds of up to 1000 Mbps

- Supports ATX control for powering the machine on/off and resetting it
- Supports powering via USB-C
- Supports HDMI output for software debugging and settings
- Equipped with a cooling fan to dissipate heat from the Raspberry Pi CPU

       Technical Specification  
Power supply : 5Vdc +/-5% , 3A
Ports & Connectors : Type-C power socket x1
  Type-C OTG socket x1
  10/100/1000M RJ45 Ethernet jack x1
  ATX control box header 2.54pitch 2x8pin x2
HDMI input resolutions : Max 1920 x 1080P 50Hz
PCB Size : 107.5mm x 85mm
       Package Contents  
  - X650 IPKVM PCI card with standard-profile bracket x1 
  - PCI low-profile bracket x1
  - ATX control rainbow cable x1
  - CPU cooling fan x1
  - Screw pack x1

- The X650 Kits do not come with a CM4, so you will need to provide your own. Of the 32 CM4 variants available.

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