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    X710 Power Management Board Hardware   Software
    Product Description

The X710 is a power management expansion board for all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40-pin header. It provides 5A of continuous output current over a wide 6V to 36V operating input range with excellent load and line regulationintelligent and safe power management, safe shutdown and full poweroff through software, and a low noise cooling fan which enables the use of the Raspberry Pi in extreme conditions including very high temperature environments.  The X710 also reserves the 40-pin header that can be stacked with other Raspberry Pi accessory boards for enhanced applications.

    Product Features
- Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+/ 2 Model B / 3 Model B / 3 Model B+ / 3 Model A+ / 4 Model B
- Raspbian Stretch
- Safe shutdown function tested for Raspbian, other operating systems to be tested and advised

- Ideal power management solution for Raspberry Pi
- Integrated high-efficiency step-down DC-DC converter
- Wide 6V to 36V operating input range
- 5A continuous output current
- High efficiency up to 90%
- On-board DC jack and XH2.54 connector for power input
- Power output via XH2.54 connector and the 40-pin header
- Intelligent and safe power management
- Equipped with momentary button switch for easy power control
- Press the button to turn on
- Press the button and hold for 1~2seconds to reboot
- Press the button and hold for 3~7seconds to implement safe shutdown
- Press the button and hold for >8seconds to force shutdown
- Supports safe shutdown and full poweroff through software
- Integrated high-performance MOSFET power switch allows continuous drain current up to 17A
- On-board LED shows the status of power on, reboot and shutdown
- On-board PH2.0 connectors allows to use external latching switch or momentary button
- Powers the Raspberry Pi via the 40-pin header - no additional cabling required
- 30mm x 30mm low noise fan for processor cooling
  Reserved camera slot and display cutout - Both can still be used with X710 attached
- Reserved 40-pin stackable Header for Add-On Boards
- Works with all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40 pin header
- Fully compatible with X820, X850, X860, X870, X822, X852, X825, X828, X855, X856, X857
- Power supply: 6~36Vdc ≥ 2A
- Output: 5V 5%, Max 5A
- DC power jack : 5.5*2.5mm, Positive Tip
- Board size: 65 x 57mm
-  Full poweroff through software is not supported when using  external latching power switch
- Don't connect any 5V-powered device to XH2.54 power input connector.  
- Do not apply power to your Raspberry Pi via the Pi's  Micro-USB socket or type C socket
    Box Contents
- X710 Power mgt Board x 1  
- 2-Pin Power Connection Wire x 1  
- Screw M2.5 *5mm x 8  
- Spacer F/F M2.5 *12mm x 4  
- Spacer F/F M2.5 *12mm x 4  
    Optional Accessories
  Power Supply Unit  
- AC 100 - 240V input  
- 12Vdc 3A output
- W/ EU and US plug
- 5.5*2.5 DC plug
- 1.2M cable w/ magnet ring