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  X630-A3 V1.5 ACTIVE hardware   software  
       Product Overview  

The X630-A3 is specifically crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, offering unparalleled remote access and control at the BIOS level for any server. Accessible through any web browser, this device delivers secure, stable, and swift KVM access from anywhere, at any time.

This IPKVM expansion board empowers users with comprehensive KVM control starting from the BIOS level. Effortlessly reboot, monitor the entire boot sequence, and interact with your system seamlessly. Additionally, the integrated remote ATX power control feature enables you to conveniently power on/off, reset, and remotely monitor power and storage LED activity of the connected machine.

       Product Features  

- Built on the Raspberry Pi4 Model B platform
- Full remote BIOS-level control - Access the BIOS and have full control over the keyboard and mouse
- Supports HDMI input resolutions up to 1920x1080 at 50Hz
- HDMI Full HD capture based on the TC358743 chip
- OTG Keyboard & mouse; Mass Storage Drive emulation
- 0.96-inch OLED display featuring name, IP address, temperature, CPU load, and uptime
- Hardware Real-Time Clock (RTC) with CR1220 coin battery socket
- Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, and Sun Systems
- Supports ATX control for powering the machine on/off and resetting it - X630-A5  required
- Supports powering via USB-C
- Equipped with a cooling fan to dissipate heat from the Raspberry Pi CPU

- Reserves the 10-pin SH1.0 connector for I2S HDMI audio capture support
- Reserves the 4-pin header & spacers for I2C OLED display
- Reserves the 40-pin header that can be stacked with other Raspberry Pi accessory boards

       Technical Specification  
Power supply : 5Vdc +/-5% 3A
Ports & Connectors : Type-C power socket x1
  RJ45 ATX control connector x1
    HDMI input connector x1
HDMI input resolutions : Max 1920 x 1080P 50Hz
PCB Size : 107.5mm x 85mm
       Package Contents  
  - X630-A3 IPKVM expansion board x1 
  - USB-A to Type-C OTG cable (VBUS not connected) x1
  - X630 HDMI-to-CSI2 module x1
  - FFC cable 50mm x2
  - Screw pack x1
        Important Notes  

- The X630-A3 Kit do not come with a Raspberry Pi 4.

  - The X630-A5 kit is not included with the X630-A3 kit.
  - Please use the supplied USB-A to Type-C OTG cable only
       Optional Accessories  

- PCI ATX Control Board
- Standard PCIe bracket
- Cable Length: 50cm  
- Easy to install
- For remote ATX power control 
  See details  
- Steel Case for X630-A3 HAT
- Ultra-compact chassis
- All ports & slots pefectly matched
- Perfect heat dissipation
- Easy to install 
  See details  
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